Welcome to the 2022 Season! | My Winey Sister
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Welcome to the 2022 Season!

We’re happy to welcome all back to My Winey Sister for the 2022season. Whether you’re a year-long resident, you’re here to enjoy the Maine beaches for just a few months out of the year, or you’re breezing through York for a little vacation, we consider you a friend!

Owners Harold Anderson and Linda Sirois (who really are brother and sister) warmly welcome you. Come into our shop, make yourself at home, and feel free to chat. (We’re located at 2 Beach Street, York, in case you missed it!) We have decades of experience and are happy to give you the help you need for your social event or gathering: pairing the right cheese and wine, creating the perfect cocktail for your party, or showing you how to serve your robust red wine for optimal enjoyment.

So if you’re near Short Sands Beach, take a quick detour and see us. Even if you just want to breeze through to browse, we’d love to see you and talk about your love of good wines, great spirits and wonderful company. Here’s to a great season!

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